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The Entrances Gender Analysis Report has been published and is available to download and read

In ENTRANCES, gender is seen as a cross-cutting issue and essential variable that contributes to a better understanding of the principal socio-economic, socio-technical, socio-ecological, socio-cultural, socio-political, and socio-psychological challenges that coal and carbon-intensive regions in a transition phase. The integration of gender into the research design and analysis aims, on the one hand, to identify gender inequalities and gaps that need to be addressed in the phase-out process, and on the other hand, to reflect on the gendered social and power structures created by the existing coal system and how they might operate to support or obstruct the transition.

Therefore, the overall objective of this report is to analyse the gender dimensions and their interaction with other social dimensions in the transition in coal and carbon intensive regions and to formulate policy recommendations for achieving transformative change and a gender just transition. This report takes up the general research questions of the project and aligns them with the issue of gender. In particular, the following questions are considered throughout the report:

1. Which gender-related challenges are coal and carbon-intensive regions in transition facing?

2. Are women and men developing different coping strategies? 3. What are the regional transitional trajectories regarding gender?

4. What kinds of gender strategies and policies are needed in order to achieve success in terms of re-territorialisation?

The Gender Analysis Report is available to download and read here.

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