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Peers Regional Organisations: Call for mirroring regions outside of Europe

With the objective of extending the visibility of ENTRANCES outside European boundaries, European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) is conducting a call for mirroring regions outside of Europe that are facing similar issues when dealing with decarbonisation policies.

Purpose of the call and involvement

The call has been organised to select three organisations (to be identified as “Peers Regional Organisations”) from coal mining and carbon-intensive regions of Africa, America, and Asia.  These organisations will be involved in the co-creation process of ENTRANCES, in order to discuss the policy recommendations that the project will produce. The chosen organisations will also be invited to participate in the following meetings:

  • First meeting of the project in Brussels (May 2021) and the last meeting of the project in Brussels as well (April 2023) (alternatively, online in the event of travel restrictions or other similar circumstances); and
  • The co-creation meetings that will take place in the pilot territories of the project (online if necessary).

The organisations will be committed to disseminating the project results among their networks and internationally, as well as actively participating in the co-creation process of the outputs mentioned above.

Requisites of the organisation

  • The organisation should have a regional working scope.
  • The organisation should be dealing with issues related to the coal or carbon-intensive nature of the region.
  • The organisation should have a practical approach to the matter.
  • The organisation should play a relevant role in the decarbonisation process, or in the coal-mining and/or carbon-intensive activities.

Submission of proposals

If you are willing to participate in this call, please send to the below:

  • CV and contact details of the person in the organisation responsible for the involvement
  • Filled in Annex I 

Selection Criteria

The offers will be selected according to the following criteria and scoring:

  • Their belonging to a region characterised for the coal and/or carbon-intensive activities.
  • How closely the organisation is dealing with issues and process that emanate from these activities (decarbonisation process, technical support for economic transition, unemployment derived from these transitions, etc.)
  • The capacity of the organisation to propose a person, or a group of people, with remarkable expertise in the field. This is to say, capacity to communicate and to disseminate among other people the knowledge acquired during the co-creation meeting, and to transfer the experience and knowledge from the region to the co-creation meetings.


22nd November 2020 at 23:59 CET


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