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A new edition of the Entrances Newsletter is available

A new edition of the Entrances Newsletter has been published. Beside the traditional Foreword by the Project Coordinator, Ricardo Garcia Mira, describing the current situation of the project, this edition also presents a short introduction and insight to the 13 Case Studies developed by Entrances – 7 focused on Coal Mining Regions and 6 on Carbon Intensive Regions. Additionally, this edition also includes a set of brief conclusions and comments on the 5 Entrances SSH dimensions of analysis (Socio-ecological; Socio-technical; Socio-economic; Socio-cultural; Socio-Psychological; and Socio-Political), based on the work already developed and, in particular, the joint work developed during the Co-Creation Session held in Rome, dedicated to “Co-creating knowledge on coal+ regions in transition: Towards an interdisciplinary understanding of territorial change in the context of the clean energy transition”– also detailed in the Newsletter.

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