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Knowledge and Innovation Srls (K&I)

General Description

Knowledge and Innovation (K&I) is a social research organisation based in Rome. Its members are social scientists that have been carrying out around 30 projects, along the last 20 years, in the frame of the EU DG research FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7 and H2020 on issues such as ecological responsibility and energy transition, environmental sustainability, socialisation of the scientific research, public engagement and responsible research and innovation (RRI); gender and science; societal issues related to natural and man-made hazards; privacy and security; poverty, social exclusion and social polarisation; etc. The mission of K&I is to increase the relevance and effectiveness of the social sciences to interpret the profound processes of change that are affecting contemporary societies, understanding how they are evolving, identifying connected societal stress and investigating available options and tools for their effective management. Energy-society relation is among the main focus areas of K&I. In this field K&I is engaged in research projects on the transition toward a low-carbon society, on energy and social innovation, on the processes of decarbonisation at territorial level, on the energy efficiency of SMEs. K&I carries out activities in Italy, Europe and worldwide, using an interdisciplinary approach. These activities include research, training and capacity building, networking and science communication, public engagement, consultancy, as well as the production of guidelines and other tools that can help setting new policies or to change existing ones. K&I has also been investigating gender relations in the wake of a growing demand for social equality in science and technology realms.

Besides participating in all the phases of the research, K&I is leading the work for the conceptual specification (WP1) of the multidimensional analytic framework to be adopted for studying the 13 coal and carbon-intensive regions in transition involved.

Role in the project

K&I will lead the WP1 on Conceptual framework and will contribute to WP2 (Methodology), WP3 (by carrying out the case study in Sardinia), WP5 (Comparative analysis) and WP6 (Co-creation), in addition to WP7 (Communication) and WP8 (Management) as well as all other partners.

Giovanni Caiati

Statistician and social researcher, Giovanni Caiati has been involved in sociological research for over 15 years. His research focus both
on the social dynamics of the transition towards a climate neutral society (energy, mobility, water & sanitation, and management of natural disasters) and on territorial development (territorial inequality, responsible research at the territorial level). Giovanni Caiati leads the K&I team in ENTRANCES thus leading the WP1 – Conceptual framework and the Sulcis Case Study.

Fabio Feudo

Fabio Feudo has more than twenty years of experience in the field of sociology and social sciences. Fabio is currently involved in some research projects concerning responsible research and innovation (RRI), citizen science and energy and climate transition. His interests include issues such as socialisation of scientific and technological research, RRI, public engagement in science, citizen science, structural change in scientific organizations, energy and climate transition and the relationship between society and materials.

Gabriele Quinti

Gabriele Quinti is a socio-economist and statistical methodologist. Over its career, he has carried out research, evaluation and capacity builidng activities in Europe, West and Central Africa, Central America and MERCOSUR. Its research focus are on the social aspects of climate change (more specifically, on energy transition and natural hazards management) and on relations between state and society in fields like the promotion of good governance, the quality of social services, and migration dynamics.

Giovanna Murari

Giovanna Murari is an expert of management and administration of research projects is the director of K&I srls. In the ENTRANCES project she is particularly involved in administrative management and reporting activities.