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Center of Social and Psychological Sciences/Institute for Forecasting (CSPS)

General Description

Center of Social and Psychological Sciences/The Institute for Forecasting is part of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. It is basic and applied research  institution and  think-thank for design of economic and social policies. The Institute concentrates on interdisciplinary research in following areas: 1. Theoretical, methodological and conceptual issues of the Slovak society in national and world-wide context; 2. Human dimension of global environmental change and 3.Co-evolution of institutional and technology change.  The Institute prepared number of studies commissioned by the European Commission, Slovak Prime Minister Office, Slovak Ministries of Economy and Finance, World Bank, OECD, International Labour Office, etc. The core of the Center’s activities is the processing and evaluation of statistical data, qualitative studies and the implementation of sociological, socioeconomic surveys and psychological research. 

Role in the project

CSPS will contribute to almost all the activities foreseen in the project. In particular in the WP 1 “Conceptual framework”, it will lead the task 1.5 on “Socio-political key factors, dynamics and patterns” and will participate in Task 1.7 on the “Cross-cutting Workspace”. CSPS will also lead the Task 2.3 on “Research protocols and guidelines” and Task 2.4 on “Data management tools” and will carry out the case study in Upper Nitra (Task 3.7). Finally CSPS will contribute to the qualitative analysis (Task 5.3) in WP 5 on “Comparative analysis” and will be involved in all the WP6.