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Upper Styria, Austria

Region: Upper Styria
Country: Austria
Leader: ZSI

About the study

Styria is located in Austria. This region is highly populated in valleys and lightly settled in Alpine areas. It is due to the consequences of the topography of this area. # Case study background: Styria is an example of a region which has been undergoing a significant transformation from an old industrial base to a modern industrial structure. Its basic and carbon-intensive industry had a strong role in the past, but it has been declining continuously since the 1960s. The following points sum-up the background of the case study.

  1. De-carbonisation of the steel production sector and
  2. Continuing transformation from carbon-intensive industry to a modern industrial structure. # Local backup organisation:

Local support

The following organisations have been contacted and expressed their interest in the project: Stadtwerke Murau, Stadtwerke Leoben, Stadtwerke Kapfenberg, Murauer EnergieZentrum, Government of Styria


Access the full case study here.