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Upper Nitra, Slovakia

Region: Upper Nitra
Country: Slovakia
Leader: CSPS

About the study

The geographical scope of the Upper Nitra Region are the districts of Partizánske and Prievidza located in the Slovak administrative region of Trenčín. Mechanical calculations indicate that immediate total closure of the HBP coalmine would most likely increase the regional unemployment rate in the Prievidza district  to an estimated range of 8–10 %, depending on the effects of indirect employment from the coal mining. Moreover, future impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak on the local economy is difficult to foreseen. The following points sum-up the background of the case study.

  1. The political decision to phase out coal mining in Upper Nitra (Slovak Republic) in 2023 is adopted and discussion is focused on policies, activities and steps in the transition.
  2. Regional position of the mining industry has been steadily declining, but it is still the economic backbone of the region;
  3. Successful closure of the mines will inevitably require a gradual process, enabling structural changes in the economy affiliated with creation of new labour opportunities.
  4. Closure of the mines is an opportunity for bigger ambitions than just replacing one sort of job with others. It may be seen to be a challenge of transforming the economy into a low-carbon, climate-change-adapted system.

Local support

Government of the Slovak Republic


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