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Sulcis Iglesiente, Italy

Region: Sulcis Iglesiente
Country: Italy
Leader: K&I

About the study

The Sulcis coalfield is a mining area located in the south-western part of Sardinia, named Sulcis- Iglesiente, belonging to five municipalities: Carbonia and Gonnesa for mining and production facilities; Portoscuso, San Giovanni Suergiu and Sant’Antioco for the other structures connected to coal production. Coal mining sites have been closed in 2018; while the coal power plant (Sulcis Power Plant) provides the energy for the local aluminium and other metal industries. The following points sum-up the background of the case study.

  1. The mine closure plan is still underway;
  2. Several projects promoted in the last decades by Italian Government and Sardinia Region to enhance and conserve Sulcis Iglesiente socioeconomic resources;
  3. A Sulcis Development Plan has been developed;
  4. 73 projects / interventions publicly funded are currently implemented related to five main areas: business companies, school, technological research, infrastructure, recovery and environmental rehabilitation.

Local support

The following local organisations agreed to support the research activities in Sulcis Iglesiente: Cagliari University (for local technical support), Autonomous Region of Sardinia, SOTACARBO, and ENEL.


Access the full case study here.