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Stavanger, Norway

Region: Stavanger
Country: Norway
Leader: NTNU

About the study

The Stavanger region is Norway’s third largest region with 340,000 inhabitants. The discovery of oil and gas at the Norwegian continental Shelf has powered one of the fastest growing economy in the world during the past decades. The great Stavanger region has witnessed this fast economic development and became a most vibrant urban area in Norway, and Stavanger has long been the “Oil Capital” of Norway. The following points sum-up the background of the case study.

  1. Stavanger is currently experiencing a “Transition” from oil to renewable energy, which poses a challenge for the region with regards to both jobs and business opportunities.
  2. Stavanger is now going from a economically prosperous period where Fossil fuels have been the main energy source, towards -carbon energy systems that enable robust and sustainable economic development.
  3. The region is currently struggling with making this transition, and needs to accelerate the change towards low-carbon energy systems.

Local support

Stavanger Municipality has agreed to support the project, while other actors will be involved once the project will be funded.


Access the full case study here.