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Silesia, Poland

Region: Silesia
Country: Poland
Leader: IGSMiE PAN

About the study

The case study will be focused on Silesia which is Poland’s main hard coal mining region and the largest hard coal mining area in the EU. The following points sum-up the background of the case study:

  1. The restructuring process started in the XX century for adapting coal mining to economic criteria and competition rules;
  2. Changing conditions in the coal market caused the difficulties with the stability of economic and financial efficiency in spite of state aid that supported the restructuring of the sector;
  3. The number of active mines and employment in the sector has strongly decreased in the last decades;
  4. Obsolete technology has been replaced with new solutions;
  5. The government has declared coal mining activities will continue in the near term.

Local support

The following 4 local organisations have agreed to support the research activities in Silesia: Metropolis GZM, Polish Mining Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GIPH), Coal-Basin Division of Association of the Polish Electrical Engineers and the Polish Committee of the World Energy Council.


Access the full case study here.