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Lusatia, Germany

Region: Lusatia
Country: Germany
Leader: IOER

About the study

The case study will be focused on Lusatia which is the smallest lignite region in terms of population in Germany. Lusatia was formerly the energy district of Eastern Germany, with high concentration of mines and power plants. Now, over 1.5% of its labour force is employed in the lignite industry and over 3% of total labour income originates from the lignite industry. The following points sum-up the background of the case study.

  1. The number of active mines has strongly decreased in the last decades;
  2. Employment in the mining sector has strongly decreased in recent years;
  3. Salary and public perception of lignite based industry is rather high;
  4. The economy of the region is still highly linked with lignite;
  5. Landscape transformation is ongoing by switching post-mining excavations into artificial lakes;
  6. Huge rehabilitation measures have been undertaken by federal government and the Lander in the last 30 years.

Local support

The following 3 local organisations agreed to support the research activities in Lusatia: State Government of the Free State of Saxony, State Government of the State of Brandenburg, City of Weißwasser (and “Lusatia Roundtable”).


Access the full case study here.