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Kraków Metropolitan Area, Poland

Region: Kraków Metropolitan Area
Country: Poland
Leader: IGSMiE PAN

About the study

The Kraków Metropolitan Area (KMA) is a functional region comprising a large city, i.e. the Kraków Metropolis and the neighbouring complex of settlement units. It is located in the south of Poland and is the largest tourist area in this region. In the north-east of Kraków, the Nowa-Huta district is located. The largest industrial plant in Kraków was constructed here, where the steel and coke were also produced. The following points sum-up the background of the case study.

  1. The main industry which emitted air pollutants in this region are the two coal-based power plants, the large steel manufacturer, small and medium-sized enterprises and farms.
  2. Unfavorable location of the Kraków city in the valley is a reason for very frequent periods of poor air quality due to excessive airborne dust and emissions of hazardous gases iii) A transformation towards low-carbon energy sources in transport, industry and households has been ongoing in KMA for several years.

Local support

Deputy Marshal of Małopolska Region (Provincial Government of Małoposka Region), Kraków Metropolitan Association, Kraków Smog Alert


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