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Jiu Valley, Romania

Region: Jiu Valley
Country: Romania
Leader: UAIC

About the study

The mining zone called Jiu Valley (JV), is is placed in the south-western part of Romania and counts today around 165,000 inhabitants that are grouped in urban communities concentrated in six towns (Petroșani, Vulcan, Petrila, Aninoasa, Lupeni and Uricani). The following points sum-up the background of the case study.

  1. employment in the mining sector decreased strongly between 1997-2000 due to a national program of labour contract buyouts enticing miner participation severance packages along with regular unemployment benefits;
  2. the number of active mines has strongly decreased in the same period;
  3. Closure programmes of some of the remaining coal mines are underway;
  4. Many residents have refused professional reconversion due to their previous well-paid jobs and their unrealistic expectations from other workplaces;
  5. The region is facing economic decline, unemployment, and steep rises in the cost of living.

Local support

The following 3 local organisations agreed to support the research activities in Jiu Valley: Petroșani City Hall, The National Bituminous Coal Company, Planeta Petrilă.


Access the full case study here.