Horizon 2020 Project Clustering Workshop – Coal Regions in Transition

On November 17, INEA – Innovation and Networks Executive Agency organised a virtual Horizon 2020 Project Clustering Workshop (Coal Regions in Transition) in which four sister projects – ENTRANCES (https://entrancesproject.eu), CINTRAN (https://www.cintran.eu), TIPPING+ (https://tipping-plus.eu), and TRACER (https://tracer-h2020.eu)  participated. ENTRANCES was represented by Dr. Ricardo Garcia Mira (UDC), Fabio Feudo (K&I), Giovanni Caiati (K&I), and Tanvir Singh Badwal (SPI).

The event also gathered several distinguished individuals including Dirk Beckers (Director of INEA), Aleksandra Tomczak (Member of Cabinet of the Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans at the European Commission), and Peter Berkowitz (Head of Unit, DG REGIO – Smart and Sustainable Growth). The concept of Just Transition regions and the Just Transition Mechanism were explained by the EC representatives including aspects of the Just Transition Fund implementation and the platform.

Following the know-how sharing and development sessions, the projects got the opportunity to present and showcase the key challenges undertaken by each in the context of Clean Energy Transition. Towards the end of the workshop, a dedicated session on coordinating dissemination actions between all four projects was held in which the projects jointly presented how they are cooperating on grounds of website management and updates, newsletter development, social media cross-dissemination, among others.

👉ENTRANCES Newsletter (1st edition) – https://entrancesproject.eu/newsletter/1/

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